13 – by João P. Teles

I was going to visit my brother in Brasilia (Brazil’s capital) and decided to reach out to a couple of local photographers whose work I admired. João P. Teles and I had been following each other’s work for a few months and we were glad to finally be able to collaborate. We both desired for an outdoors daytime shoot; and in Brasilia, seat of our dictatorial government, that left us with two location options without disturbing the administrative public with nudity and risking arrest or harassment: some hidden concrete corner or one of the many parks around Paranoa, the city’s artificial lake. The sun was shining bright after lunchtime so we decided for the later. The lake’s clear and warm water, the view to the presidential palace on the opposite shore — where our former president still lived prior to the coup, João’s sympathy and immediate friendliness and the fact that I was far from home and from work for a couple of days: all of it made this photoshoot feel like well-deserved holidays.

I discovered Hugo’s work on tumblr, where I saw his beautiful photos shot by Fernando Schlaepfer for the 365 nus project. I looked for more of his pictures and then found 100 NUDE Shoots (of Hugo)’s website. We made contact and the conversation about photography and the project’s concept flowed. Weeks later, Hugo told me he was coming to Brasilia and we agreed on the collaboration. Photographed nudity never fails to enchant me, and there are many ways to look at nudity. For this photoshoot I wanted to approach it as something light, natural and fluid. We photographed at the Egrets Park, on the banks of Paranoá lake, one of my favorite places in Brasilia. I was very happy to meet Hugo and contribute to the project with my own vision. I look forward to reading the reviews on the shoot! — João P. Teles